Shoot I goofed up and forgot the credit for the static texture

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FNAF commission for catbountry

I did a lot more than I intended to but I’m happy as hell with it, I think if I get any more takers I’ll have to up the price to $20 tho!

(btw, happy birthday)

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Hi! I noticed that there was not many, if any, blogs that focused more on people’s fursonas, rather than fursuits.

This blog is dedicated to all the cool-looking fursonas out there, rather than just fursuits alone.

Feel free to submit your fursonas (even if it’s a fursuit), reference sheets, and adoptables!

i don’t run this blog in any way but just in case y’all enjoy furry specific artwork in any way


I will draw you NSFW too even idc, i mean i have some things i dont wanna do but all you have to do is ask its no skin off my nose

heres a nsfw account for reference idk

dobescrusher replied to your post: I will draw FNaF shit if you’d want ev…

Hey I might want a commish. I’d have to wait until my wifi is set up to pay though (don’t feel safe doing $ transactions on public/mooched wifi)

Yeah that’s no problem! Hit me up on my email (ratboigles(at) and we can discuss it oke?

I will draw FNaF shit if you’d want even tbh

Commission Drive, please read


So, originally I wanted to start a commission drive so I could afford to get my dental work taken care of, since I haven’t been able to in a few years.

But as things have turned out this month, my family has had $1,300 stolen from us off one of my family members SSI cards. After having to pay the bills we do, that doesn’t exactly leave us with much for food/pet food, transport, or anything really.

I ended up not being able to have one of my old dying cats taken to a vet on time due to the money situation thats come up. 

There a few small options we have, but I’m afraid they wont be enough to get us through the month, and I don’t want my family or my pets to suffer for this.

I’m also being told by a family member we may be able to bring in money from being given stuff to sell at the pawn shop, but, to be honest I don’t trust it. It’s not something I want to necessarily get into.

Even if that does comes through though, I still need money for dental considering I have three broken teeth, two of which I think need to be surgically removed. I have abccesses often that I usually have to ride out instead of being able to get taken care of due to financial reasons.

I want to offer my services as an artist to make money for us to help us get through this month safely. I also have a donate button on my page,

but I do prefer to at least be asked to draw a doodle or anything in return. 

I want to offer these things:

  • $5 Chubbies (In both regular and printable dimensions)


I can’t offer prints or stickers at this time, but I thought it would still be fun if the buyer had these in printable dimensions for their own use. $5 per character.

  • $20 Spiral Knights Themed (Soft shaded)


this image is obviously incomplete, but it’s an example I was trying to whip up. I’ll do inked and soft shaded commissions of your Knights, characters/sonas as knights, or as any creature within the SK ingame universe. $20 per character.

  • $28 Traditional cutouts


I will ink and color traditional images of your characters, including up to 4 or 5 smaller cutout accessories (items, food, etc) to go with them. They’ll be shipped to your address, and the price includes shipping!

I’ll be offering a 300th follower prize on my art blog 

I’ll offer a free chubbie to whoever is my 300th, I currently have 261. If I get enough people buying traditional cutout pieces from me then I will offer a free one of those instead.

If you want to donate a dollar or something via the donate button, you can leave me a message of something you want me to doodle if you please, they’ll most likely be quick doodles.

My e-mail to contact me at is Please use the subject “

I’m feeling pretty worn out while writing this right now so I hope everything is clear and understandable.

If you don’t want to or can’t help me out, I’d appreciate a signal boost (but if you don’t that’s also okay)

finished up a bust of my dragon Cabochon
guess i started doing this last night while waiting for sleep meds to work??

finished up a bust of my dragon Cabochon

guess i started doing this last night while waiting for sleep meds to work??

more screwin around

more screwin around

One of the critters from Guadia Quest in Gamecenter CX

One of the critters from Guadia Quest in Gamecenter CX


Commission Prices